Komo Supersedes the Milling Industry

Komo Supersedes the Milling Industry


People often wonder where the name KoMo originates. *Ko* originates from Peter Koidl, who is a well-known and passionate grain mill builder from Austria. Koidl has been an innovative force on the grain mill market for over 20 years. *Mo* derives from Wolfgang Mock, who has been successfully developing grain mills in Germany since 1978 and one of the most recognized names in home-milling.

Roughly 10 years ago, the two engineers entered into an unbiased partnership and began developing and making mills known as KoMo (Koidl/Mock). While, all sales and production is under one umbrella, KoMo operates at two locations. This is because Koidl and Mock each decided to work in their respected country. Wolfgang Mock’s head office is in Otzberg-Lengfeld, while Peter Koidl’s headquarters are in Hopfgarten, Austria.

For the past 10 years now, the two engineers have been working diligently to create grain mills that are durable and superior above all other grain mills. Together, Koidl and Mock firms are able to service Germany, Austria, Europe, and the broad world.

             KoMo Grain Mills prides itself in every detail of its mills; from the very core with the distinction of the millstone, environmentally friendly motors, the grinding unit, rock-solid housing, effortless handling, sustainable production, to the quality assurance. But why choose KoMo Grain Mills? Simply put, KoMo Grain Mills are:

* effortless to use, infinitely variable setting.

* problem-free to clean, can be opened in an instant.

* compact enough to find a place in even the smallest of kitchens.

* pleasantly quiet.

* can grind flour as fine as even the very large mills.

* patented suspension for protecting the grinding unit.

* 12 years warranty on every model (this does not include the hand grain mills/ flakers).

Komo’s company stands by its principle of “dispensing with the superfluous and concentrating on what is really important.” To this company, the heart of every mill is the grinding unit. The grinding unit is much more then the millstone and the motor; it is a matter of the proper interplay between the individual parts.  This innovation has created a suspension system between the millstones which ensures that the two do not need to be pressed hard together in order to grind finely.

Meaning they are indestructible and can stand up to heavy loading. It can fine-grind not only every type of cereal grain, but also large grains and small seeds as long as these do not contain oils. Oats and spices can be crushed wonderfully by the rollers/flakers.

To keep this high quality maintained they only manufacture them in Germany and Austria. The mills are assembled by hand and tested before being delivered.   With such accountability, KoMo is able to provide superior quality grinding technology to its customers.

KoMo believes in maintaining the high quality standards, which forms the foundation of their daily work and has been a substantive component of their corporate philosophy for many years. KoMo is certain that these values and their passion for good food can be detected right in your kitchen.

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