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KoMo Sifter

KoMo Sifter
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KoMo Sifter Attachment :
The sifter attaches to any KoMo electric grinder (except the commercial Jumbo grinder.) Starting with whole grain flour, the sifter will allow you to separate out the coarser bran, giving you very fine flour that's ideal for making pastries, cakes, and cookies. The bran can then be used in a variety of other products including baked goods, smoothies, soups, granola, etc. After first grinding flour from grain, just unscrew the mill's grain hopper and screw the sifter assembly on in its place. With your just-milled flour in the sifter chamber, flip the mill switch on, and a set of rotating brushes quickly work the finest flour through the screen at bottom, and out through the mill spout, so the bran remains above. A vortex is formed in the flour during operation, which circulates all the flour through the chamber. The sifter includes interchangeable stainless steel screens in medium, fine and extra fine mesh sizes.


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