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KoMo Innovative Milling Technology


In the heart of every KoMo grain mill lies the milling chamber. This is where the millstones spin at a high speed, grinding the grain in a quick, efficient, and precise manner. KoMo designs every individual component using extremely durable materials. Each component of the grain mill is meticulously constructed and arranged to produce a smooth interplay of all the mill’s functions. The patented KoMo suspension that works to stabilize every mill’s electric motor produces a surprisingly quiet operation.

 All KoMo grain mills contain millstones made of corundum and ceramic. In 1985 KoMo founder, Wolfgang Mock, suggested that these extremely hard composite materials be used for millstone application. Immediately after his suggestion, stone manufacturers responded with the first version of this new millstone and it was met with favorable response. Users found that that these corundum and ceramic millstones ground grain very finely and quickly, without excessive heating to the milled grains. The corundum and ceramic stones require less power, retain their extremely rough surface, and do not require subsequent sharpening or “redressing”.

Another innovative feature of the KoMo grain mill, is the ability to adjust the fineness of the flour grind without having to stop the milling process. To change the fineness setting, the user simply turns the grain hopper either clockwise or counterclockwise. The wooden housings, crafted of premium materials, is treated with organic vegetable oil on its surfaces which can be easily cleaned with very fine sandpaper and then recoated in oil. KoMo only uses native, sustainably-harvested forestry products.

To ensure high quality standards KoMo manufactures its products only in Germany and Austria. Each unit is assembled by hand and tested before shipment. On request, we can test using a gluten free grain. These high quality standards have become the cornerstone of KoMo’s corporate philosophy. We are certain that this measure of quality and excellence will be detected right through to your kitchen with one of our KoMo products. Enjoy your meal, or as one says in Germany and Austria- Guten Appetit!

The Millstones

Twenty five years ago, Wolfgang Mock experimented with corundum and ceramic combinations to create a very robust millstone, ideal for near-zero maintenance applications. His corundum and ceramic millstones have an extremely rough surface which hardly wears down, even after years of use. These millstone grind coarse grain quickly into fine flour and and are virtually indestructible.

 Environmentally Friendly Motors

The industrial-strength electrical motors in KoMo grain mills are compact and powerful and provide years of reliable service. These motors also perform very quietly and run for decades.

Grain Mill Suspension

Milling only functions optimally when all the various components work together. KoMo’s patented grain mill suspension allows for spring action between the millstones. This prevents the loud grinding noise of the stones when the milling is completed- conserving both the millstones and your nerves. Users who have tested other mills in the marketplace have come to to appreciate this unique feature of KoMo’s grain mills.

Solid Housing

The housing apparatus of KoMo grain mills reflects the solidity, durability, and integrity of the mill’s internal workings. KoMo invests heavily in both the engineering and the aesthetics for each mill’s design. KoMo works under the assumption that their mills will nest on your countertops for decades, and therefore they must look great!

KoMo uses premium quality, native hardwood for its housing. KoMo pretreats the wood with organic vegetable oils and recommends that this treatment be continued at regular intervals by the user throughout the mill’s lifetime.

Effortless Operation

Each KoMo grain mill does its job efficiently and exclusively, without the aid of add-ons and other accessories. If the user hears an odd sound coming from the inside of the machine, he or she can easily access the inside of the mill to have a look. KoMo have invested countless hours in developing solutions to these design and engineering issues.

With a KoMo grain mill, the user simply rotates the grain hopper along the scale to the desired degree of fineness, ranging from very coarse to very fine. Should the millstone wear down slightly after a decade or so, simply rotate the hopper a little further from the “fine” direction to access the millstones. To gain entrance to the milling chamber, just rotate the hopper a full turn in the “coarse” direction and the hopper comes off.

Social Responsibility

KoMo has worked alongside the sheltered workshop program located in the heart of the Austrian Tyrol for many years. This non-profit organization provides employment and financial independence to individuals with and without disabilities. The sheltered workshop program also employs modern management techniques and the latest in precision machinery to manufacture KoMo’s wooden housings. The program, designed and overseen by KoMo founder Peter Koidl, has recently expanded to include the assembly of its mills. In turn, this allows KoMo to concentrate more on the design, engineering, and sales related areas of business.

The folks that assemble KoMo’s housings and mills take enormous pride in their work. KoMo is proud to offer its support, energy, and name to such a worthwhile and successful social project.

Quality Control

KoMo grain mills are developed in a highly detailed production sequence by the sheltered workshop program in Austria. Koidl, who has been closely associated with the sheltered workshop program for many years, visits the workshop weekly to oversee the quality control and testing procedures of the production and assembly facilities.

It is not just beautiful design and great engineering that ensure a high-value, quality product. A well conceived assembly program and well-managed program facilities are also required when making a product that will provide consumer utility and customer satisfaction over many years. Workshop employees have come to trust and rely on Koidl’s advice and involvement in their daily operations.

KoMo Advantages at a Glance

Below is a complied list that highlights and summarizes the advantages of KoMo products:

-Simple to use, with a continually adjustable fineness setting

-Easy to clean; easily accessible mill chamber

-Compact size fits into every kitchen

-Surprisingly quiet

-Grinds flour finely, just as larger mills do

-Patented suspension to protect the millstones and motor

-Sustainable resource utilization

-Socially responsible manufacturing

-12 year warranty on every model (this does not include the hand grain mills/flakers)

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