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KoMo Fidibus Medium

KoMo Fidibus Medium
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The latest edition to the KoMo line of grain mills strikes a perfect balance between the Fidibus 21 and Classic models. On the inside, it is a Classic, featuring the strong 360 watt motor and larger 85 mm millstones. On the outside, it has the simpler housing of the Fidibus 21 -- only slightly larger to accommodate the larger motor. The larger stones and motor allow for the grinding of Corn flour, which is not possible with the Fidbus 21. Just over 13 inches (334 mm) high, it has a square footprint of 6-1/4 inches per side (160 mm). The pricing also represents a compromise between the two models.
Technical Details:

Milling rate for finely ground wheat 3.5 oz/min
Weight 15 lb 4 oz
Hopper fill cap. in ounces of wheat (level, lid on) 1 lb 15 oz
Max. height of bowl at spout 5.5 in
Diameter of corundum/ceramic mill stones 3.35 in
Dimensions (Inches, incl. spout) 13.2H x 8.5D x 7.25W
Industrial motor electric rating, watts 360W (1/2 HP)
12 year Warranty

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