Home Milling for People with Gluten Sensitivity and other Allergies

Gluten sensitivity and other food-based allergies have become increasingly common with the introduction of genetically modified foods. Today, over 3million Americans suffer with celiac disease – an intestinal disease caused by sensitivity to gluten in their diet. This equates to one in every 133 people suffering from the condition showing the desperate need for foods which cater for those who cannot enjoy normal, everyday food items. In addition to this condition, there are millions more who suffer from allergies to peanuts, specific types of oils, seeds and dairy products; showing just how genetically modified foods are affecting our everyday health.


Those who suffer with gluten sensitivity in particular are limited in terms of the foods they can eat without experiencing any complaints. This is due to many store-bought foods containing wheat based products that cannot be tolerated by a digestive system which is sensitive to gluten. However, this is not to say that the individual in question cannot enjoy bread and other baked goods, it simply means that they must have access to gluten-free products in order to enjoy tasty foods without the discomfort they experience from gluten and wheat products.


Cutting down the cost


Gluten-free products can be expensive however; it is possible to cut down the cost of bread and other grain products to just a few cents. This can be achieved by investing in a grain mill which will allow you to mill your own grains at home and produce foods which are free from any allergen you may be sensitive to. The price of grain mills start at around $100, which may appear to be expensive at a first glance, will save you money in the long run compared to the price of your typical grocery bills. The vast majority of foods which are made to be free from gluten, wheat and other allergens can be extremely costly, which in time can simply be too expensive for a gluten sufferer to purchase. The grain which you can use within your own mill is incredibly cheap to buy compared to gluten free products, meaning you will save a great deal buy simply making your own gluten free food items.


Cutting down on allergies


A main worry which affects many who are allergic to gluten and others allergens is what ingredients are included in the foods they purchase from their local stores, and even the meals which they can purchase when eating out. Only now have stores started to make a conscious effort to clearly label foods that do or do not include gluten but often sufferers cannot be 100% of how clean these products are. Milling your own grain at home means that you will 100% sure that your flour and any baked goods will be gluten free. The same concept can be used for a number of baked goods such as cakes for those who are sensitive to other ingredients, for example nuts. Nowadays, stores must label their foods if they have been made in an area containing nuts-even if the product itself has been intentionally made to be nut free. Those who are extremely sensitive to nuts cannot risk purchasing any items which has even the slightest chance of containing nuts, so making their own items at home allows them to enjoy their favorite baked goods without the worry of becoming exposed.


Choosing a grain mill


There are a number of grain mills that can be found on the market with prices ranging from $100 up to $700+. If you are contemplating investing in a grain mill in an attempt to combat gluten sensitivity or a similar food allergy, you may want to invest a little bit more money and purchase a mill that will last a considerable amount of time. After all, gluten sensitivity does not often disappear so you will want to be able to benefit from milling your own grain for the foreseeable future.


In order to get the best possible quality from your own milled grain, it is worth spending more than you may have initially intended. You may be hesitant about this at first, but once you begin to reap the benefits from lower grocery bills and a trouble free diet, you too will recognize the difference in your general wellbeing once you enjoy a healthy diet, free from allergens.

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